“I was a patient at your facility on August 2. I am writing to tell you of the excellent care that I received.

When placing my appointment, I spoke with 2 of your receptionists (I believe their names were Kia and Amy). Both of them were very pleasant and courteous. They took my information and made my appointment expeditiously. I had another MRI scheduled with another doctor and I was concerned about having to have two appointments because I am in a considerable amount of pain. I called and spoke to Amy. She was able to schedule both of the MRI’s at your facility. Where others may have made that task seem virtually impossible, Amy took care of it effortlessly.

The ladies were able to arrange transportation for me, which really lifted a burden for me because I am currently unable to drive due to my injuries. I was concerned that there would be a hiccup in the transportation, but again your staff ensured that all ran smoothly.

When I arrived at the center, I was in the lobby less than 5-7 minutes filling out paperwork, prior to Joe (the MRI technician) taking me back to the testing room. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no wait and relieved because I am constantly in pain and sitting worsens the pain. Joe was WONDERFUL. He put me at ease and explained everything he was doing. Although he picked up that I worked in the medical field, he took nothing for granted and treated me like a patient which I appreciated.

I would recommend your center to anyone. Furthermore, I am a nurse practitioner and given the opportunity (once I get back on my feet) I will encourage my patients to use your facility. Thank you so much for your excellent care. “

– Marla